Salsa with Del Campo


Del Campo Dance Studio is proud to be the longest running studio for Salsa dance instruction in the Sacramento area!  With a well-rounded program focused on Salsa dancing, we have seen countless students dance their way into confidence.


Come dance with us... 


Our dance community is welcoming and lively.  You'll find an energy and style that brings life to the dance floor in our group classes, workshops and at our outside weekly venues.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join us.  We offer beginner classes on the dance floor (and in the studio)—no partner needed.  Now is your time to dance!

What is Salsa?


Salsa is a Latin style of dance that is primarily danced with a partner.  The music is energetic and lively with percussions, horns and a distinct Latin beat that has you moving in your seat.  The dance is made of quick footwork, spins, patterns and a passionate show of body movement in relationship to the music—styling known as Cuban motion or latin hip action.  


Salsa is an excellent dance for inexperienced dancers to get their dancing feet moving and a favorite style for those who dance with a passionate soul.